Master James Meighan

Sah Bum Nim Meighan is a 4th Degree Black belt. He studied under Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe, Masters Lester Ricks, David Benson Sr.,  and David Benson Jr. since 1984. Master Meighan is highly respected by both his peers as well as his students for his knowledge and traditional training style. He brings experience from coaching baseball, football, soccer and basketball. His variety of teaching techniques have been used to help children and adults overcome difficulty with coordination or confidence.

Master Meighan has been married for 20 years and enjoys keeping his four children involved in karate and kickboxing aerobic classes. “Training together helps promote proper fitness within my own family and hopefully influences others around us to strive for the same.”

Telephone: (856) 464-9990

Family Martial Arts & Fitness
661 Bridgeton Pike, Mantua, NJ 08051



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