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Learn Tang Soo Do Korean Karate

The fighting art of tang soo do is believed to have originated 2,000 years ago during Korea's Three Kingdoms period. Silla, the smallest and least populated region of the peninsula, was under constant attack from the larger and more powerful Paekje and Koguryo kingdoms. After a few centuries, the Silla rulers are believed to have allied themselves with a skilled fighting force created by the Tang dynasty monarchs of China (618-907). It was then that the tang soo warriors were born. For several years, this elite group of combatants trained on the rocky beaches of southern Korea, where they honed themselves into a fierce fighting force which defeated the two dynasties’ and unified the country into what is now known today as Korea.

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With us, you’ll be studying Tang Soo Do, the Korean version of Karate that emphasizes the use of the legs and kicking, in our world-class facility.
You’ll also be learning under Grandmaster Giacobbe, a hall-of-famer, karate black belt Grand Master and trainer for several world-class athletes like Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield.

The Multifold Benefits of Karate Training

  • Strength development

  • Body conditioning

  • Immunity boosting

  • Boost in speed and flexibility

  • Reduction in depression

  • Mood and happiness enhancement

  • Sharper, focused mind

  • Anger management

  • Stress management

  • Increased alertness and self-awareness

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